You may donate using a credit card worldwide through our website. If in the United States you also have the additional options of ACH bank transfer donation from your bank account through our website, or for debit/credit card donations using SMS/text. Transactions are handled by Stripe, through, where our donation records are maintained. We do not see nor retain your debit/credit card number or bank account number. For more detailed information about why we use Churchtrac and how your donations are handled securely through Churchtrac click this link. To be directed to our Churchtrac donation page click here: donation page


You may send your donation by mail to the address below:

Messenger Church of God
PO Box 619
Wentzville, MO 63385-0619

Note Concerning Tax Deductible Contributions:

In the United States financial donations by an individual to churches and certain other organizations are tax-deductible to the extent that the aggregate of such contributions does not exceed 50 percent of the taxpayer’s contribution base (adjusted gross income) for the taxable year (26 USC 170).

Section 508(c) of the Internal Revenue Code provides that churches are not required to apply for recognition of Section 501(c)(3) status in order to be exempt from federal taxation or to receive tax deductible contributions. Churches are automatically exempt from Federal income tax, in accordance with the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States. “Congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” (U.S. Constitution, First Amendment). Contributions to churches are deductible by donors under 26 USC 170.