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How Can You Know the Truth?We live in a world in which confusion abounds. In every major facet of the …2023/11/11Articles, Christian Faith, God, Study Tools2023-11-11 18:07:10
Why Study the Bible?King Solomon wrote, “Of making many books there is no end” (Ecclesiastes 12:12). But of …2023/10/20Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose2023-10-20 23:34:05
Why Did God Choose Israel — Part 1?According to Scripture, God chose the people of Israel, that is, the people descended from …2022/09/08Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose, Prophecy, Q & A2022-09-08 01:55:21
How You Can Know the FutureMany have wondered, especially in times of tumult, of chaos and confusion, such as the …2022/08/02Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose, Prophecy2022-08-02 02:15:25
Right and Wrong: Who Decides?When Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated as President of the United States on March 4, 1861, …2022/07/13Articles, Christian Faith, God, Prophecy2022-07-13 00:50:05
God of JusticeScripture prophesies that Jesus Christ, who is God, is coming soon as this age draws …2022/07/10Articles, God, Prophecy2022-07-10 17:14:38
How You Can Have and Keep the Holy SpiritAs recorded in Scripture, the Holy Spirit was given to the Church of God on …2022/06/11Articles, Christian Faith, God2022-06-11 13:32:06
2023 Festival Observance PlannedThe Messenger Church of God keeps the festivals God commands his people to keep. The …2022/03/12Articles, Christian Faith2022-03-12 17:37:48
Is This the Only Day of Salvation?Is it true, as has often been taught within professing Christianity, that the question of …2022/03/10Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose2022-03-10 00:20:20
God Is the Giver of Every BlessingSince Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden, chose the rulership of Satan in …2022/01/08Articles, health, Man's Purpose, Prophecy2022-01-08 01:07:08
Firstborn From the Dead“Firstborn from the dead” is how Jesus Christ is referred to in Revelation 1:5 and …2022/01/04Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose2022-01-04 02:01:35
Follow GodSince the year 1789, when the government of the United States began to operate under …2021/12/25Articles, Christian Faith, God2021-12-25 16:09:13
Can You Believe What the Bible Says About Jesus?After Jesus died and was resurrected, according to the testimony of John, on the first …2021/12/13Articles, Christian Faith, God2021-12-13 13:47:11
The Path To Salvation—Part 3The Bible teaches that God has a plan of salvation for mankind. What does that …2021/11/11Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose2021-11-11 00:50:46
Three ResurrectionsAccording to Scripture the Kingdom of God will be established on earth at the time …2021/10/09Articles, Christian Faith, Man's Purpose, Prophecy2021-10-09 16:17:44
The Blessing of TruthThe Bible assures us that God is the giver of every blessing (James 1:17). There …2021/09/11Articles, Christian Faith, Man's Purpose2021-09-11 03:19:35
The Path to Salvation – Part 2The Bible teaches that God has a plan of salvation for mankind. What does that …2021/08/14Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose2021-08-14 18:32:51
The Two Covenants — Part 5In previous articles in our Two Covenants series we’ve discussed the relationship between the Old …2021/07/22Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose, Prophecy2021-07-22 14:12:34
Defending the GospelIt’s reported on the website that they recently received an e-mail from a person …2021/06/08Articles, Christian Faith2021-06-08 22:55:35
Examine YourselfWhen God set his hand to deliver the Israelites from Egypt, he commanded a Passover …2021/03/22Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose2021-03-22 14:55:04
The Path to Salvation — Part 1The Bible teaches that God has a plan of salvation for mankind. What does that …2021/03/22Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose2021-03-22 01:27:08
God Condemns AbuseA woman who grew up in a Church of God family reports that her mother …2021/02/14Articles, Christian Faith2021-02-14 02:03:56
The Way of PeaceShortly after John the Baptist was born, his father, Zacharias, who was a priest, prophesied …2021/01/15Articles, Christian Faith2021-01-15 13:18:19
Melchizedek MysteryA character appears in the book of Genesis who has been the subject of mystery, …2020/12/30Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose, Prophecy2020-12-30 23:52:51
Mankind’s Last Best HopeIn his “Second Annual Message” to Congress of December 1, 1862 President Abraham Lincoln proposed …2020/12/01Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose, Prophecy2020-12-01 00:36:23
The Economy of God’s KingdomIn the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America, it’s stated: “We hold …2020/09/26Articles, God, Man's Purpose, Prophecy2020-09-26 00:11:14
Feast of Trumpets: Beginning a New AgeThe festivals God commanded in the Bible and his Sabbaths have prophetic implications which form …2020/09/14Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose, Prophecy2020-09-14 02:39:14
Feast of Unleavened Bread: Putting Sin OutAbout a third of the people in the world claim to be Christian. Yet festivals …2020/09/14Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose, Prophecy2020-09-14 01:57:48
Passover: The Meaning Behind Jesus’ DeathThe Passover is about human destiny. It’s about why you exist. It’s about your future, …2020/09/13Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose, Prophecy2020-09-13 23:43:41
Are You Ready For Some Good News?There’s plenty of bad news to go around these days. Halfway through the year 2020 …2020/08/31Articles, Christian Faith, Prophecy2020-08-31 16:51:32
How to be a Real ChristianIn the world today there are well over 2 billion people who claim to be …2020/08/11Articles, Christian Faith, God2020-08-11 12:18:13
God’s Answer to Ethnic Hatred and ViolenceIn a six month period just over a hundred years ago, from April to early …2020/07/31Articles, Christian Faith, God2020-07-31 00:50:56
The Weekly Sabbath and Its MeaningKeeping the Weekly Sabbath is one of the ten commandments. That ought to indicate to …2020/07/22Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose, Prophecy2020-07-22 00:03:27
Pentecost – Grace and Judgment in this AgeLike all of God’s festivals, the Feast of Pentecost has great significance pertaining to his …2020/07/01Articles, Christian Faith, Man's Purpose, Prophecy2020-07-01 23:46:06
How the World Can Quickly ChangeThe Covid-19 epidemic has had far reaching repercussions on our world and our United States …2020/05/21Articles, Christian Faith, God, health2020-05-21 03:32:30
Natural AntibioticsBacteria are fairly ubiquitous in our environment. Certain types of bacteria are present in our …2020/04/19Articles, health2020-04-19 05:02:06
How To Study and Understand the BibleThe Bible is the world’s best selling book, with estimates of five billion or more …2020/03/21Articles, Christian Faith, Study Tools2020-03-21 20:22:00
In Prosperity Beware!In the modern age Americans and many others around the world are enjoying unprecedented wealth. …2020/01/29Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose, Prophecy2020-01-29 00:06:02
Godly Character Requires PatienceOne of the notable traits of God’s nature and character is patience. God wants to …2019/10/07Articles, Christian Faith2019-10-07 02:36:33
How Will the World be Different When Christ Returns? Part 32019/05/31Articles, Prophecy2019-05-31 14:51:21
How Will the World Be Different When Christ Returns? (Part 2)The Bible assures us that Jesus Christ will one day return to earth and restore …2019/05/02Articles, Prophecy2019-05-02 21:24:47
Can Anything Be Done About the Weather?Many, perhaps the majority, of people in our land think little about the real source …2019/04/04Articles, Prophecy2019-04-04 01:34:18
Mardi GrasEarly in the year according to the commonly accepted civil calendar (the Gregorian calendar), a …2019/01/20Articles, Christian Faith2019-01-20 00:30:07
How Will the World Be Different When Christ Returns? (Part 1)For approximately the past 6000 years, since mankind rebelled in the Garden of Eden, the …2018/12/22Articles2018-12-22 00:13:53
Thirst For Living WaterWithout water you can’t live. In fact, your physical body consists largely of water. And …2018/10/20Articles, Christian Faith, God2018-10-20 20:51:23
What Happens to Those Who Die as Infants?A question that has often been asked among professing Christians is: “What happens to those …2018/08/21Articles, Christian Faith, Man's Purpose2018-08-21 00:46:35
Is Jewelry Pagan?Upon his return to Canaan, Jacob buried the idols and earrings of his household and …2018/07/31Articles, Christian Faith, Q & A2018-07-31 00:30:51
The Two Covenants (Part 4)What is the nature and effect of sin? Why is the Holy Spirit essential to …2018/07/10Articles, Christian Faith2018-07-10 00:46:21
Does God Lie?Does God lie? Did Jesus Christ speak in parables to deceive people? A reader asked …2018/05/31Articles, Christian Faith, Q & A2018-05-31 21:27:33
Worship God — Overcome SinOften when we think of sin we think of not doing this or that. Not …2018/04/22Articles, Christian Faith2018-04-22 22:39:20
Jesus Our SaviorWhen the people of Israel were enslaved in Egypt they were living under a very …2018/04/01Articles, Christian Faith, God2018-04-01 22:44:38
Does God Want People to be Deceived?Question: I have read the article, “Are ‘Many’ or ‘Few’ Called in this Age?”. One …2018/03/24Articles, Q & A2018-03-24 00:39:16
Are the ‘Lost’ Predestined to Hell?Traditional Christianity has taught that when one dies, whatever judgment awaits him is made and …2018/02/01Articles, God, Man's Purpose, Prophecy2018-02-01 23:51:53
Zeal For VictoryCan a war be won without the will to win? Without the determination to persevere, …2017/12/31Articles, Christian Faith2017-12-31 23:25:53
The Two Covenants (Part 3)As we’ve seen in previous installments of this series, the overall reason for the giving …2017/12/01Articles, Christian Faith2017-12-01 00:25:30
Who Made America Great?In the 2016 Presidential campaign in the United States, Donald Trump campaigned with the slogan, …2017/11/14Articles, Christian Faith, God, Prophecy2017-11-14 00:16:20
The Two Covenants (Part 2)Why was the Old Covenant given? According to the Bible, because of sin. Find out …2017/09/11Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose2017-09-11 00:46:40
The Brazen SerpentQuestion: God commanded that no carved images were to be made (Exodus 20:4). Yet God …2017/08/03Articles, God, Q & A2017-08-03 23:05:17
Love and the Fullness of GodFew understand that God created humans to become like him, to become offspring, children, created …2017/06/17Articles, God, Man's Purpose2017-06-17 14:13:49
What Is the Gospel?You’ve probably heard of “the gospel.” But what is the gospel? Do you really know …2017/05/19Articles, Christian Faith2017-05-19 13:17:11
The Two Covenants (Part 1)Why does the Bible speak of the two covenants, or “testaments”? Did God try one …2017/03/31Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose2017-03-31 01:50:37
Should You Be Baptized?Why do you exist? Do you know? Would you like to know? Is there a …2017/02/03Articles2017-02-03 22:19:39
Passover or Easter?What do bunny rabbits, Easter eggs, and hot cross buns have to do with the …2017/01/02Articles2017-01-02 00:15:02
Will Politicians Save Us?Each election season in democratic countries like the United States millions get excited over a …2016/10/14Articles2016-10-14 02:08:30
God’s Answer to TerrorismTerror attacks have become commonplace in today’s world, especially in Western nations and parts of …2016/10/05Articles2016-10-05 01:44:41
Citizens and Sons of the Kingdom of GodThe benefits and blessings in store for citizens and sons of the kingdom of God …2016/09/15Articles, Christian Faith, Man's Purpose2016-09-15 02:16:36
God Overrules Supreme CourtIn the pledge of allegiance to the American flag is the statement that we are …2016/07/26Articles, Christian Faith, God2016-07-26 01:42:37
The Great UnknownUncertainty is one of the biggest challenges to faith that a Christian will face during …2016/03/31Articles, Christian Faith2016-03-31 00:00:58
Disputing DoctrineDoes it really matter what you believe? Why can’t we just mind our own business …2016/02/01Articles, Christian Faith2016-02-01 01:34:10
God Our FatherWhat does it mean to be a father? Have you ever thought about it? What …2015/12/12Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose2015-12-12 19:13:42
Christ In YouIn the Scriptures we are told that Christ dwells (through his Spirit) in his Church …2015/12/05Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose2015-12-05 19:45:59
Proclaim Liberty“Proclaim liberty,” Scripture says (Leviticus 25:10; Isaiah 61:1). For the better part of human history, …2015/11/13Articles, Christian Faith, Man's Purpose2015-11-13 00:30:47
Peace In God’s TimeFor 6000 years the pages of the history of mankind have been soaked with blood. …2015/08/30Articles, Christian Faith2015-08-30 15:39:19
ForgiveForgiveness has the power to heal hurt feelings, it’s a balm for injured relationships. For …2015/08/08Articles, Christian Faith, God2015-08-08 01:14:45
Are You Committed?Today we live in an age often characterized by lack of commitment. As a result, …2015/07/21Articles, Christian Faith2015-07-21 01:46:38
What Is the Kingdom of God?Is the kingdom of God, as many assume, merely a warm feeling in one’s heart, …2015/06/22Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose2015-06-22 22:04:41
Adding Words to ScriptureRelying on the King James Bible, many believe 1 John 5:7-8 clearly validates the Trinity …2015/06/05Articles, Christian Faith, God2015-06-05 01:45:02
Eternal Life Is of GodFrom the beginning of human history men have desired eternal life. Humans have gone about …2015/05/23Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose2015-05-23 12:28:44
Better Support For Mobile DevicesFor mobile device users, we’ve made it easier to access content provided at, News of the Work2015-05-18 02:08:23
Is A Prophet A Messenger of God?A reader asks, “Is a prophet a messenger of God?” What does the Bible say?2015/05/06Articles, Christian Faith, Q & A2015-05-06 23:05:26
Do Faithful Christians Suffer?Some believe that if one has enough faith and simply “claims God’s promises,” that his …2015/04/26Articles, Christian Faith2015-04-26 21:30:00
Free To Be Lawless?The “Magna Carta,” and “Bill of Rights,” give testimony to the fact that Americans, and …2015/04/15Articles, Christian Faith2015-04-15 01:32:28
Why Do We Keep the Passover?It’s widely acknowledged among Biblical scholars and historians that Jesus and the early Apostles kept …2015/03/28Articles, Christian Faith2015-03-28 00:18:49
Will Christ Return in 2015?It’s been suggested that solar and lunar eclipses occurring in 2014 and 2015 point to …2015/03/20Articles, God2015-03-20 04:36:25
Is the Word Amen “Pagan”?Some have alleged that the word “amen,” customarily used in affirmation, including affirmation of a …2015/02/10Articles, Christian Faith, Q & A2015-02-10 23:41:42
Have We Entered Our Rest?The Bible speaks of a rest for the people of God. What is that rest? …2015/02/02Articles, Christian Faith, Q & A2015-02-02 22:42:29
Do You Have the Fear of God?When God tested Abraham by commanding him to sacrifice to him his only son, Isaac, …2015/01/17Articles, Christian Faith, God2015-01-17 19:30:58
Feast of Tabernacles ObservanceWhen God revealed his law to ancient Israel, he commanded them to keep, besides the …2015/01/09Articles, Christian Faith, News of the Work2015-01-09 00:07:53
Taking the Message to the WorldJesus gave his Church the following commission, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the …2015/01/08Articles, Christian Faith, News of the Work2015-01-08 22:50:48
Is Christmas Really Christian?Every year in December we see in the U.S.A. and other parts of the world …2015/01/02Articles, Christian Faith2015-01-02 23:46:08
Be Filled With RighteousnessJesus said he who hungers and thirsts for righteousness will be filled (Matthew 5:6). How …2014/12/12Articles, Christian Faith2014-12-12 00:22:38
For What Are You Thankful?Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner, and yet we hear very little if anything …2014/11/25Articles, Christian Faith2014-11-25 23:13:54
The Kingdom Suffers ViolenceThe weekly Sabbath, and the Feast of Tabernacles, which we recently observed with others of …2014/11/12Articles, Christian Faith, Man's Purpose2014-11-12 01:11:08
Will the Levitical Priesthood Be Restored?Question: It’s been taught that after Christ’s return the Levites will once again offer burnt …2014/11/03Articles, Q & A2014-11-03 23:29:28
The Coronation of JoashWhen Jesus Christ returns to the earth that will in certain respects be perhaps the …2014/09/29Articles, Christian Faith, Man's Purpose2014-09-29 00:24:21
Every Eye Will See HimQuestion: The statement “every eye will see him” (Revelation 1:7), is it a literal statement? …2014/09/20Articles, Q & A2014-09-20 02:27:26
Did Jesus Teach ‘Different Commandments’?Are the commandments Christ taught different from the ones revealed in the Old Testament, as …2014/09/12Articles, Christian Faith2014-09-12 00:36:31
How Many Comings?Many have alleged that at the prophesied “second coming” of Jesus Christ, he will not …2014/09/06Articles, Christian Faith, God2014-09-06 02:04:15
Christ In You — the Hope of Glory!Scripture teaches that the resurrected saints will share in the glory of Christ! “…we are …2014/08/28Articles, Christian Faith, Man's Purpose2014-08-28 02:13:00
What Is Death?What is death? There are many ideas about death. Often they have in common the …2014/08/20Articles, Christian Faith, Man's Purpose2014-08-20 02:10:42
Keys To HappinessWhat’s the purpose of human existence? Why do YOU exist? And does it have anything …2014/08/08Articles, Christian Faith2014-08-08 23:52:01
Sin Destroys CourageThroughout our Christian lives God lets you and I make choices. God does not force …2014/07/30Articles, Christian Faith2014-07-30 11:58:50
Did Jesus Break the Sabbath?It’s been asserted that Jesus broke the Sabbath, and hence we are free to disregard …2014/06/21Articles, Christian Faith, God2014-06-21 02:15:52
What Is the Holy Spirit?One of the important questions that we must face in order to understand God’s nature, …2014/06/06Articles, God2014-06-06 23:45:52
Why Did God Become Flesh?Have you ever stopped to think why God – an eternal Being who existed before …2014/06/05Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose2014-06-05 00:45:35
May Christians Eat Food Offered to Idols?Surely Christians in our modern age need not be concerned with the question of eating …2014/05/23Articles, Christian Faith2014-05-23 15:51:05
Principles of De-LeaveningBy sunset this past Monday, April 14th, 2014 Christians who observe the Passover and Days …2014/04/18Articles, Study Tools2014-04-18 11:06:25
Seek GodMany people have a vague idea that perhaps God does exist, but are not sure. …2014/04/11Articles, Christian Faith, Man's Purpose2014-04-11 03:07:15
Why Christians Should Keep the SabbathMost professing Christian Churches keep Sunday as their day of worship. Have you ever stopped …2014/03/14Articles, Christian Faith2014-03-14 02:25:43
Are “Many” or “Few” Called In This Age?Perhaps you’ve heard it said that “only a few” are called in this age? Yet, …2014/02/22Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose2014-02-22 02:48:31
Love in ActionAfter Jesus Christ returns to establish the Kingdom of God on earth, we’re told that …2014/02/04Articles, Christian Faith2014-02-04 20:42:13
The Foundation of Godly FaithAccording to Scripture faith is essential to salvation. Without faith it’s impossible to please God …2014/01/31Articles, Christian Faith2014-01-31 03:01:32
Lazarus and the Rich ManMany are puzzled or confused by the story of Lazarus and the rich man. Does …2014/01/18Articles, Christian Faith2014-01-18 02:35:50
The Truth About HellMillions have been taught that God sends the wicked to an “ever-burning hell,” to be …2014/01/11Articles, Man's Purpose2014-01-11 03:42:41
A Nation At RiskAs I write I’m spending a few days with my youngest son, who just finished …2013/12/21Articles, Christian Faith2013-12-21 11:31:03
What Are the True Values?Not infrequently in public discourse we hear the word “values” mentioned. Many of the issues …2013/12/16Articles, Christian Faith2013-12-16 02:15:18
ThanksgivingWe are admonished throughout the Bible to offer thanksgiving to God (Psalm 30:4-5; 92:1; 97:12; …2013/11/27Articles, Christian Faith2013-11-27 02:52:38
It’s Time to Be A Real ChristianThe Apostle Paul warned us, “ But know this, that in the last days perilous …2013/11/16Articles, Christian Faith2013-11-16 01:18:17
Did Jesus Fulfill the Law?Question: Didn’t Jesus fulfill all of the Law and all of the Feasts through His …2013/11/07Articles, Christian Faith, Q & A2013-11-07 01:18:21
Worship of the Dead?Heathen cultures and religions in many parts of the world involve some form of worship …2013/10/31Articles, Christian Faith2013-10-31 14:01:18
Marriage Feast ParablesAre Christians going to literally “get married” to Jesus in heaven, as some believe? Find …2013/10/17Articles, Christian Faith2013-10-17 00:37:38
What Kind of King Would You Be?The Fall Festival season pictures the Kingdom of God being established on earth. That means …2013/10/03Articles, Christian Faith, God, Man's Purpose2013-10-03 00:13:27
Abide In God’s WordJesus said, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you …2013/09/07Articles, Christian Faith2013-09-07 01:29:29
Dies of ItselfBible Study Question   Deuteronomy 14:21 states that “you shall not eat anything that dies …2013/08/16Articles, Q & A2013-08-16 23:38:28
Applying God’s Laws Under the New CovenantSome may wonder why we teach an obligation to keep some laws of the Old …2013/08/05Articles, Christian Faith2013-08-05 01:22:21
Were the Commandments “Nailed to the Cross”?It’s frequently taught that the ten commandments were “nailed to the cross,” and so are …2013/07/29Articles, Christian Faith2013-07-29 16:13:04
Murder Is MurderWarning: This article contains graphic language related to dismemberment, torture and death of human beings, …2013/07/24Articles2013-07-24 17:33:50
Do We Have the Complete Old Testament?Why do some Bibles have books in the “Old Testament” portion that are not found …2013/07/20Articles2013-07-20 17:04:42
Origins of the TrinityThe Trinity doctrine is widely (though not universally) accepted within the realm of traditional Christianity. …2013/07/10Articles, God2013-07-10 18:25:15
When Is the Biblical Passover?Many who think of themselves as Christians would wonder why does it matter when is …2013/06/29Books2013-06-29 22:46:51
Happy Not to Have Had An AbortionThe New York Times reluctantly admits in a roundabout way that most women denied abortions …2013/06/17Articles, Reviews2013-06-17 16:26:23
Scientists Refute DarwinismScientists Refute Darwinism Book Review by Rod Reynolds Evolution From Space: A Theory of Cosmic …2013/06/17Articles, Origins, Reviews2013-06-17 14:37:04
The Mystery of Life’s OriginThe Mystery of Life’s Origin Book Review by Rod Reynolds The Mystery of Life’s Origin: …2013/06/17Articles, Origins, Reviews2013-06-17 14:12:07
References For Bible StudentsNote: Many of the books referenced below are now in the public domain. While they …2013/06/01Articles, Study Tools2013-06-01 04:51:49
WelcomeDear Friends, Jesus said to his disciples, “You are the light of the world. A …2013/05/16Welcome2013-05-16 18:15:21