The Two Covenants — Part 5

A covenant was at the heart of the relationship of Abraham with God. Likewise, a covenant was at the heart of the relationship of the people of Israel of old, descendants of Abraham, with God. And, a covenant is at the heart of the relationship of God’s spiritual nation, the Church of God, with him.

These covenants all bear common features. There are lessons for us today, for anyone interested in having a meaningful relationship with the real Creator God, in the covenants with Abraham, and with the peoples of Israel.

The New Covenant is not, as many have assumed, a radical departure from the previous covenants. It is not a repudiation of God’s commandments, as false teachers have asserted or implied.

In this message are explained these relationships and how they reveal key details of God’s purpose for mankind, and how the New Covenant embodies a system that will ensure an eternal kingdom of peace, abundance, and unending joy for those privileged to be a part of that kingdom.

“The Two Covenants — Part 5” audio recording by Rod Reynolds, COGMessenger is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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