Intelligence Versus Nonsense

We do not believe that God created the universe and the earth only six to ten thousands of years ago, as some creationists claim. We do not believe that is an accurate understanding of what the Bible teaches.

Neither do we believe the Darwinian evolution concept, that the universe and life on earth is purely materialistic, the result of random changes over time without any planning, intelligence, or direction. Powerful evidence belies Darwinism.

Rather, we believe the Bible accurately portrays in outline the history of God’s creative works, and that the evidence supports that narrative. This page provides links to materials exploring the evidence regarding Darwinian and Neo-Darwinian evolution as opposed to the alternative of intelligent design in the creation.

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Academia: where one good apple spoils the bias

Researchers say DNA study indicates nearly all animal life appeared at the same time as humans

A Journalist’s Odyssey through the Darwin Debates

A vast store of information is critical to the existence of biological life. Where did the information come from?

The features and vast distances of the Universe are explored. Some of the comments are from a “young earth” creationist perspective.

Biologist Dr. Michael Denton discusses features of the universe and the earth that happen to be “just right” for biological life to exist.

Eight Questions Challenging “evolution”: Physicist John Hartnett

‘Big Bang’ not convenient for atheists

Post-Modern Physics: String Theory Gets Over the Need for Evidence

“Icons of Evolution” — the protected monkey religion documentary

Signature in the Cell: Meyer

Medical Doctor Dr. Tommy Mitchell: Evolution — The Eyes Don’t Have It

Design Beyond DNA: Dr. Jonathan Wells

A Critique of Darwinist Icons

Danger: Indoctrination

Academic Freedom Petition

Journey Inside The Cell

Neo-Darwinism’s Homology Problem

Zombie Science Book Launch

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