Keep the Sabbath

The Sabbath was made holy at the time of the creation, or the restoration of the earth to a habitable condition, and the renewing of life on the earth, as described in Genesis 1. The Israelites, most if not all of whom had forgotten the Sabbath command and lost track of when the Sabbath occurs, had the Sabbath revealed to them in the wilderness, before they reached Mt. Sinai (Exodus 16). The Sabbath had been, like a number of other commandments of God, a commandment from the time of creation.

The Sabbath command included specific blessings for obedience, and curses and punishment for disobedience. Yet most of the Israelites, and of course the rest of mankind, over the course of history did not take it seriously, disregarded it, and have suffered curses as a result.

The Sabbath was not just for the Jews, and the command to keep the Sabbath, not on just any day of the week, and not on Sunday, but on the day God himself sanctified and made holy, is still in force today, and will be kept by all nations after Jesus Christ returns to establish the reign of the Kingdom of God on earth.

Learn more about what the Bible teaches about the Sabbath, its history and future.

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