Can Anything Be Done About the Weather?

Many, perhaps the majority, of people in our land think little about the real source of the tremendous blessings we have enjoyed in the U.S.A. over the past 200 plus years. Similar blessings have been enjoyed by Great Britain and countries settled by the British, and other nations inhabited predominately in modern times by the descendants of Abraham.

These blessings have spilled over into many other countries as well, and through blessings promised to Abraham and his descendants, all nations have been blessed. This is true not only from a spiritual standpoint, but to a degree, it includes physical blessings as well.

One blessing in particular, that we need to take notice of, is favorable weather. It’s been said that people are always talking about the weather, but nobody does anything about it. Yet the question remains, “Can anything be done about the weather?” As we will see, the answer is yes, there is something we can do about the weather. Continue reading

Can Humans Change the Weather?

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Published December 15, 2018
There is a God in Heaven who has blessed us as a nation. We’ve enjoyed unprecedented wealth, conveniences and power over the past 200+ years; blessings of produce, crops, and livestock – all dependent on favorable weather. Nations that suffer prolonged periods of drought, a succession of devastating floods, weather that is unseasonably cool for too long, or widespread disruptive weather events such as hurricanes will suffer in lost agricultural production, and even famine and ruin in extreme cases. In this sermon, pastor Rod Reynolds addresses the question, can anything be done about the weather?

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