Defending the Gospel

Influential skeptics, especially in the past two or three centuries, have spun myths about the Bible, how it was written and compiled, and have lied about its historical accuracy. As a result, many have come to doubt the Bible as historically reliable, and hence dismiss it as a serious guide to life. The increasing lawlessness and amoral behavior endemic in today’s world is partly a consequence of how the message of the gospel has been undermined by an unrelenting campaign aimed at discrediting the record of Holy Scripture.

Historical analysis, archaeology, and epigraphy have gone far to lend support to the veracity of the Bible, which is the gospel, the word of God. Unfortunately unknown to multitudes, time and again the myths and assumptions of the Bible’s critics have proven wrong, as reviewed in this message.

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Defending the Gospel

It’s reported on the website that they recently received an e-mail from a person named “Jenny.” In her message Jenny made a number of claims maligning the integrity of Scripture. The gist of her assertions is that the Bible is fiction. Among the specifics she alleged:

  • There was no mass exodus of erstwhile Israelite slaves from Egypt.
  • David and Solomon are fictional characters.
  • The accounts of battles and victories of Israel over her enemies is fiction.
  • The Biblical writers hijacked Egyptian history and passed it off as their own.

The Associates For Biblical Research, owns the domain. A representative of the organization, in a lengthy response to Jenny’s e-mail, stated in part: “Sadly, most people hold these views because of what they read on the internet or watch on TV. Many have been lied to by their unbelieving college professors and mentors. Some even learn these erroneous views about the Bible in Christian colleges and seminaries! In providing this rather long and detailed response, it is our hope that ‘Jenny’ and others like her will seriously reconsider the authority of the Bible and its author, Yahweh, and the claims of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

I might add that many also learn the views expressed by Jenny in their churches.

In this article, I want to discuss the relationship of the gospel to history, and how the gospel is defended and propagated in part by the study of history, and fields touching on history, such as archaeology, and epigraphy, which is the study and deciphering of ancient inscriptions.

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