Biblical Fasting

The calm waters of the Jordan River flow south toward the Dead Sea in the land of Galilee, Israel.

Full Audio of Sermon: Biblical Fasting

Published February 16, 2019
Moses fasted, David fasted, Nehemiah fasted, Daniel fasted, Jesus fasted, as have many other men and women of faith. Jesus said his disciples would fast. But what does it mean to fast from the standpoint of the Bible? Why should one fast? How? How often? Learn the answers to these and other questions as Rod Reynolds discusses Biblical fasting.

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Are You Committed?

Today we live in an age often characterized by lack of commitment. As a result, individual lives are destroyed. Needless misery, unhappiness, poverty and crime proliferate. Society is disintegrating, and the entire world is on a path to catastrophe. Both personal salvation and the survival of mankind demand the right kind of commitment. Are you committed to God and his way of life? Continue reading

Seek God

Many people have a vague idea that perhaps God does exist, but are not sure. Others are confident God exists, but their ideas about God are confused, and misinformed. Throughout history, only a few have known the real God. Most, if they’ve worshiped any god at all, have worshiped idols, false gods, the work of men’s hands and figments of the human imagination.

Would you like to not only know that God does in fact exist, but understand as few others in history have what he is really like? Would you like to have an intimate relationship with the true God who created
the universe, and in whose power is the destiny of nations?
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