How the World Can Quickly Change

The Covid-19 epidemic has had far reaching repercussions on our world and our United States economy, and our civil liberties. Most would not have imagined such drastic effects only a short time ago.

It is a lesson in how the world can quickly change and how fragile it is. It’s a lesson in how ignorance, panic, and a real risk of disease can result in unexpected and disastrous consequences.

In this article let’s examine: (1) the current coronavirus disease epidemic, how many have been infected, and how many have died. (2) How does the Covid-19 epidemic compare with other similar disease epidemics? (3) The response to the epidemic by media and governments, and how that response could be far more destructive than the disease itself. (4) How the disease could be responsibly managed without destroying the nation’s or the world’s economy. (5) The reasoning behind the measures we, the Messenger Church of God, have taken in response to the virus. (6) Suggestions on what you can do to minimize your risk of contracting Covid-19 and other communicable diseases. (7) Where you can place your trust for your ultimate security.

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