2014 Sermons

Is Christmas Really Christian?
How to be a Real Christian
Knowledge and Conversion
Be Filled with Righteousness
Why Four Gospels?
Worship of the Dead?
Feast of Trumpets
Prophetic Significance of the Fall Holy Days
God’s Name
Christ in You – The Hope of Glory
The First Commandment
Should the Church Preach the Gospel?
What Will You Inherit? (part 2)
What Will You Inherit? (part 1)
Is Jesus God?
Christian Tithing
New Covenant Law
Did Jesus Break the Sabbath?
What Must We Do to be Saved?
What is the Holy Spirit?
The Importance of Belief
Fundamentals of Prayer
What is Death?
What the Gospel Is
Flee Sin
God’s Law is a Blessing
Why God Became Flesh
Seek God
Why We Keep The Passover
Goal One: The Kingdom Of God
Lazarus and the Rich Man
Why Keep the Sabbath?
Foundation of Faith
The Golden Lampstand
God is Love
God Is Gracious
“Boast in the Cross” — What Does it Mean?

2013 Sermons

The Truth About Hell
True Values
Did Jesus Fulfill the Law?
Proving God
What Kind of King Would You Be?
God of Grace
Keys To Happiness
Binding and Loosing
How Many Comings (Part 2)
How Many Comings (Part 1)
Marriage Supper Parables
The Law of Liberty
Lessons From the Feast of Trumpets
Your Personal Relationship with God
How Important is Doctrine?
Five Benefits from Having the Holy Spirit
The Purpose Of The Church Today
Keys To Study and Understand the Bible (part 2)
Keys To Study and Understand the Bible (part 1)
True Disciples of Christ