Messiah and the Throne of David — Part 4

This message continues the series “Messiah and the Throne of David” with a discussion of the reign of Solomon. During his reign the kingdom of Israel reached the apex of its wealth and influence in ancient times as a global “superpower.”

In certain respects the reign of Solomon and Israel’s status at the time is a type of the coming Kingdom of God, when Jesus Christ will rule all nations, the world will enjoy universal peace, and the knowledge of God will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

It was only after the end of Solomon’s rule, when the kingdom was divided because of Solomon’s apostasy, that Assyria began to become ascendant in the Mideast, and eventually powerful enough three centuries later to destroy the northern kingdom of Israel and take its inhabitants into a captivity in foreign lands, a precursor to what is prophesied to happen to the unrepentant modern descendants of Israel near the end of this age.

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