Personal Responsibility

Responsible behavior is essential not only to long-term personal happiness, but also to the survival and welfare of all mankind. This message highlights some areas of personal responsibility Christians need to be concerned with in living their lives.

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Blessings For Which to be Thankful

We must not become insensible to the blessings God gives us. Indeed, we ought to make a conscious effort every day to think about ways in which we are blessed, and thank God for our blessings.

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Biblical Tithe System

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The tithing system outlined in the Bible provides a framework ordained by God for honoring him and providing for his work, keeping his festivals, and helping the poor. In this sermon are explained details regarding the Biblical tithing system.

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For What Are You Thankful?

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner, and yet we hear very little if anything on the radio or TV concerning preparing to give thanks, or about the original intent of Thanksgiving Day celebration. About the only thing we are likely to hear on TV or radio are advertisements from grocery stores selling turkeys, etc. Magazines are typically no better, as they usually just focus on the thanksgiving meal, and are concerned only with how to make this Thanksgiving the most decadent ever, or perhaps on how to trim calories from the meal.

It is significant that this holiday has not been commercialized to death like Halloween and Christmas. Thanksgiving, unlike Halloween, Christmas and Easter does not have its origins in pagan antiquity. It was created instead out of an earnest desire to thank God for the very things necessary for life. Thanksgiving has little more impact on Americans today than Labor Day does, being reduced to little more than a speed bump between Halloween and Christmas, with many just using the holiday as an excuse to over eat. Continue reading


We are admonished throughout the Bible to offer thanksgiving to God (Psalm 30:4-5; 92:1; 97:12; 1 Thessalonians 5:18; Psalm 100:1-5, a psalm of thanksgiving). Lack of an attitude of thanksgiving can lead to spiritual blindness and sin (Romans 1:20-21). It’s always fitting for us to reflect on our obligation to give thanks.

Each fall in the United States the nation observes a thanksgiving holiday. Yet, how many are truly thankful? How many of us in this country or in this world acknowledge God as the source of our blessings and take the time to express genuine and heartfelt thanks to God for all he gives us? Continue reading