Almost any worthwhile endeavor will involve failures, obstacles, setbacks, and problems of various kinds. Endurance doesn’t mean we’ll never stumble; doesn’t mean we’ll never fail or never sin. It does mean that despite our failures and setbacks, obstacles and problems we’ll keep striving to fulfill God’s will in our lives. We won’t give up – we won’t quit – we won’t turn away from God’s path.

Learn what the Bible says about enduring in the true faith, and how God provides encouragement and the help necessary to succeed to those who diligently seek him.

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Godly Character Requires Patience

One of the notable traits of God’s nature and character is patience.

God wants to shape our nature into the likeness of his nature, with our willing cooperation. If we are to have godly character, we must learn patience.

How is God’s patience exemplified? And in what ways are we expected to develop and practice patience? Continue reading