Fulfill Your Destiny Part 1

In recent decades our country and others have sent many rockets and satellites hurtling off into space, some destined for the far reaches of the solar system. For a rocket or a space probe to reach its target it must be carefully guided. The slightest deviation from the prescribed path can cause a space probe to miss its target by millions of miles. A small deviation of a satellite from its correct altitude and attitude in space can render it useless. Very sophisticated guidance systems have hence been developed to monitor and correct the paths of rockets, space probes and satellites as they journey toward their destinations. Without the corrections made by such guidance systems, a useful space program would not be possible.

For all their complexity, however, every guidance system has three basic components. This applies even to navigational systems for ships and airplanes, or any vehicle traveling from one place to another.

Each guidance system has: (1) a reference point. In the case of satellites and space probes, or even ships traversing the ocean, the reference point is usually the sun or a star. (2) Sensors to detect any deviations from the prescribed course. (3) A means of correcting errors to get back on the proper course.

The same principles apply to each of us spiritually. We too are traveling through life with a target: The target God intends for human beings is holy, righteous character. The reference point against which we measure our progress is God. We have available sensors to alert us to where we are deviating from the prescribed path. And we have available the means of correcting our attitudes and behavior so our paths are directed toward the target.

In “Fulfill Your Destiny Part 1,” Rod Reynolds reviews how God’s guidance system provides the means of correction necessary to help us reach our God given destiny. This message contains information vital to the interests of every human being.

“Fulfill Your Destiny Part 1,” a message by Rod Reynolds, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


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