The Family in God’s Plan

God created human beings for a specific purpose, to fulfill a destiny for them that God had in mind before there were any humans. Learn how the concept of family is at the heart of God’s purpose for humanity, the very purpose for which you exist.

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Passover: The Meaning Behind Jesus’ Death

The Passover is about human destiny. It’s about why you exist. It’s about your future, and the future of mankind.

The Passover is also about God’s love. It is about God’s love toward us and about our love toward God, and about the love we may have toward one another through God’s Holy Spirit.

The Passover is the first of seven annual festivals God commands to be kept by his people. Like all of the commanded festivals, there are lessons pertaining to God and our relationship with God to be learned and reminded of in keeping the Passover. To learn the lessons intended by the Passover, it’s important that it be observed at the right time. And it’s even more important that it be observed in the right manner and spirit and with the proper understanding.

In this article I will discuss the Passover, what it means, and how it relates to God’s plan of salvation.

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The Weekly Sabbath and Its Meaning

Keeping the Weekly Sabbath is one of the ten commandments. That ought to indicate to us the importance God places on keeping the Sabbath. Yet it is shocking but true that most people who claim to believe in the God of the Bible do not keep the Sabbath! If they observe any day at all as a day of rest from secular labor, it is not the Sabbath that God commanded to be kept!

Yet, God commanded Sabbath observance for a reason, actually, several very important reasons. One reason to keep the Sabbath holy as God commands, is because it has prophetic significance regarding the future of the world and mankind. Keep reading for vital knowledge about the meaning of the weekly Sabbath.

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