Are You Ready For Some Good News?

There’s plenty of bad news to go around these days. Halfway through the year 2020 many nations have been affected by a pandemic in which millions have been infected with a novel virus and many thousands have died, especially elderly and people with underlying health issues, although the number of deaths actually caused by the Covid-19 virus have been grossly exaggerated by health authorities and the media (cf. “How the World Can Quickly Change”).

Triggered in part by the death in Minneapolis of a black man named George Floyd, who died while handcuffed and lying prostrate with a police officer’s knee on his neck, the United States has also experienced weeks of senseless rioting, property destruction, mayhem and murder by mobs, being encouraged by gutless and lying politicians, news media, celebrities, and many other segments of society. The rioting has left a number of people dead and injured, and resulted in property damage amounting to many millions of dollars. Dark forces are using the unrest to promote a radical political agenda.

So, are you ready for some good news? Keep reading.

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