Who Made America Great?

In the 2016 Presidential campaign in the United States, Donald Trump campaigned with the slogan, “Let’s Make America Great Again.”

The slogan and the ideas behind it caught the public’s fancy enough that Mr. Trump was elected to become the forty-fifth President of the United States. But while it may be the desire of many Americans to “make America great again,” perhaps we ought to ask the question, who made America great in the first place?

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Will Politicians Save Us?

Each election season in democratic countries like the United States millions get excited over a new leader taking office, hoping that the candidate(s) they favor will either solve the problems facing the country or pursue policies that will personally benefit them. Will politicians save us from the monumental disasters that loom on the horizon? Continue reading

Do Faithful Christians Suffer?

Some believe that if one has enough faith and simply “claims God’s promises,” that his life will be blessed with happiness, abundance, good health. Is this what the Bible REALLY Teaches?
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Be Filled With Righteousness

Jesus said he who hungers and thirsts for righteousness will be filled (Matthew 5:6). How can this promise be fulfilled in you?

What does it mean to hunger and thirst for righteousness? If you hunger for food you sense a need for it and have a strong desire, a craving for it. Similarly if you thirst you sense a need for drink and have a strong desire for it. Hungering and thirsting for righteousness is a metaphor for longing for it, strongly desiring it, craving it (Psalm 119:20; 40).

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What Are the True Values?

Not infrequently in public discourse we hear the word “values” mentioned. Many of the issues we face as a nation and a world boil down to a question of values. For example, the questions of abortion, human rights, women’s rights, homosexual rights, religious expression, out of control government spending and national debt? Do these issues have anything to do with values? Continue reading