Will Politicians Save Us?

A nation’s character, as the Bible makes clear, has a lot to do with its prosperity, happiness, and ultimate destiny. And this applies not only to nations, but the world as a whole. What can we do as a people to avoid catastrophe? What difference can the right kind of leadership make? And what does the Bible tell us about the ultimate solutions to the problems we face?

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Messiah and the Throne of David — Part 3

A number of prophecies foretold that the Messiah would become heir to the throne of David (2 Samuel 7:11-13; Psalms 132:11; Isaiah 9:6-7; Jeremiah 23:6-7; et al). The Bible identifies, and confirms by its testimony, that Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah. and that he, Jesus Christ, the Messiah, would be heir to the throne of David (Luke 1:31-33; Acts 2:30).

The link between David, king of Israel, and Jesus Christ the Messiah is a significant theme in Scripture, and understanding the historical and prophetic link between the two ought to be of interest to any student of the Bible.

David, though human, and one who committed sins and mistakes at times, nevertheless was on the whole faithful to God. David was a great king, under whose rule Israel prospered, and the kingdom of Israel became a great Empire, far more significant than many realize.

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How Will the World Be Different When Christ Returns? (Part 1)

For approximately the past 6000 years, since mankind rebelled in the Garden of Eden, the earth has been under the curse of Satan’s rule. Satan has not ruled without restraint. God has remained supreme over the universe, including the earth, but to a large extent he has allowed Satan to influence mankind. And Satan, within certain parameters, has remained, as referred to in 2 Corinthians 4:4, and other Scriptures, as the “god of this age,” or of this world.

The result of Satan’s influence has been a history of oppression, warfare, famines, widespread poverty, deception, ignorance, disease, crime, and other evils that have plagued mankind. What the world needs is a new kind of government, a government not of Satan, nor of men, but of God, the benevolent Creator, and author of every blessing, including life itself (James 1:17-25; Acts 17:24-25). The time when that new government appears may not be far off, although no one on earth knows for certain the exact time when it will happen (Matthew 24:30-36).

How that future world will be different is the exciting and greatly encouraging subject of a planned series of articles, of which this is the first.

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The Way of Peace

Published November 26, 2018
The Bible makes it plain that there is a way of life that is referred to as the way of peace. Yet, few know the way of peace. Certainly the world, with its chaos, confusion, strife and conflict, is not at peace. In this message are revealed ten steps in the way of peace that you can apply in your life.

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Will Politicians Save Us?

Each election season in democratic countries like the United States millions get excited over a new leader taking office, hoping that the candidate(s) they favor will either solve the problems facing the country or pursue policies that will personally benefit them. Will politicians save us from the monumental disasters that loom on the horizon? Continue reading