The Work of Elijah

Elijah was a leading prophet of the Old Testament. Through Elijah God worked some powerful and astounding miracles. His was a mission aimed at revealing who is the true God, and turning the hearts of the people to his worship, to the extent they were willing.

Malachi prophesied that Elijah would be sent before “the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord” (Malachi 4:5). Some thought John the Baptist might be Elijah having reappeared on the earth, but he denied that he was Elijah. Yet it had been prophesied that John the Baptist would go “in the spirit and power of Elijah” (Luke 1:17).

Many since have come proclaiming themselves, or identifying some other contemporary person, as Elijah, and in some cases have insisted that their proclamations must be believed as a condition for baptism.

In this message, “The Work of Elijah,” we focus on Elijah’s ministry, or his work, and how it relates to other statements in the Bible concerning Elijah, and the fulfillment of prophecies leading to the end of this age.

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How to be a Real Christian

In the world today there are well over 2 billion people who claim to be Christian. Among those claiming to be Christian are represented a wide assortment of beliefs and practices that are often contradictory not only to each other, but are often exactly the opposite of what Jesus Christ himself believed, taught and practiced. One dictionary definition of a Christian is one who professes belief in Jesus as Christ. Is a Christian just anyone who claims to be a Christian? If not exactly what does it mean, from the standpoint of Scripture, to be a Christian? What makes one a Christian in God’s sight?

In this article is information that can help you understand how you can become a true Christian, or if you are a real Christian, how you can remain one.

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How Will the World be Different When Christ Returns? Part 3

A key theme of the Bible is that of a Messiah to bring salvation to the world (cf.; Isaiah 49:6; 52:10). Jesus Christ is prophesied to return to the earth in power and glory, restore peace, and establish a righteous and just government over the earth (cf. Psalm 72:1-7; Daniel 7:13-14; Revelation 11:15).

After the living God, Creator of all that is made, establishes his government over the earth, it will be a much different world. In the final article in this series, we will explore some additional important ways in which the world will be different after Christ returns.

First, let’s review key points covered in the previous articles in this series. After Christ returns there will be: (1) An end to oppression. (2) Just government. (3) An end to war. (4) Peace and harmony among races and nations. (5) Stable government. (6) Predictable and favorable weather, and abundant produce for all.

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