Comment connaître l'avenir

Many have wondered, especially in times of tumult, of chaos and confusion, such as the time we are living in now, as many are bearing burdens of stress and worry, what does the future hold?

In every age, people have asked similar questions, and sought answers in various ways. As in past ages there are those who have claimed to know the future, predicting things to come in specific ways or at a specific time. Over the years people have predicted within a certain time frame things like a stock market crash, or catastrophic climate change, or the return of Jesus Christ on a certain date or within a certain time frame, such as five years or ten years. Very often, however, these predictions have failed to prove accurate.

However, the Bible tells us how it is possible for us, for you, to know the future.

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Psalm 119 — A Psalm of Devotion to God

The 119th Psalm contains a range of sentiments, thoughts, emotions, states of mind. It speaks of affliction, of persecution, of trouble, anguish, sorrow and despondency, of pleading for relief and salvation, but also of hope, of rejoicing, of indignation towards evil, of assurance, of faith, of determination to resist evil and obey God, and of thanksgiving.

It seems to touch on almost the entire range of circumstances and emotions that a person of faith might experience over a lifetime. But the emphasis throughout the entire psalm is on a love of God’s word, seeking after it, and being faithful to it.

Discover some important lessons as we review the powerful words of Psalm 119.

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Comment connaître l'avenir

People of various descriptions, shades of opinion and backgrounds have sought to predict the future, but are nearly always wrong. The Bible warns us about how not to go about trying to inquire into the future, and also how we may understand it.

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Est-ce le seul jour du salut ?

Est-il vrai, comme cela a souvent été enseigné au sein du christianisme professant, que la question du salut éternel est scellée au moment de la mort ? Certains de vos proches, simplement parce qu'ils n'ont pas professé la foi au Christ durant leur pèlerinage terrestre, sont-ils destinés à souffrir à jamais des tourments éternels ?

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